Jarvis+, a conversation-as-a-service platform has published its weekly report for mid-September.

The team attended the Express to Silicon Valley Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition that was held by the Moco and Yuben Innovation colleges. It’s claimed that Jarvis+ was selected to enter the second round of competition out of thousands of projects. Jarvis+ will join a field of a hundred others for the second round and their results will be published soon.

The rules of the group quiz game on the Jarvis+ Telegram have been changed. Players can now initiate quizzes by typing “start” in chat. If there are fifteen other members who type “ready” in a three-minute time-span, the game will begin. A 20,000 JAR bonus has been prepared for players of the group quiz, more details of the bonus can be found in the platform’s Telegram channel.

A new game was also added to the Telegram chat: UEFA Champion Lucky League. Players can win both JAR and Ethereuem (ETH) through participation. Each week, Jarvis+ will set two fantasy UEFA sports teams against each other and allow users to bet on the outcome of the match. Players wager JAR on three possible outcomes: “home team win,” “draw,” and “away team win.” Winners will reclaim their original bets plus additional rewards. The full terms and conditions of the game can be read here.

Jarvis+’s mascot design contest is still underway, with prizes in JAR still available to be won. The grand prize winner will earn 50,000 JAR. Entries close on the October 16th. More details about this competition can be read here.

For more information about Jarvis+ visit the links below.