Jarvis+ has published its development report covering the last week of August. The report highlighted the platform’s operational and R&D progress. Jarvis+ is in the process of creating a cloud-based artificial intelligence which will function as a bot service, translation engine, and a smart contract creation tool.

The team concluded its 10 day bounty program that allowed participants to earn JAR tokens by sharing content about the platform on social media. To claim the rewards, users must fill out the KYC application that can be found here.

An airdrop was also completed, with 500 participants earning JAR tokens for completing bounties, writing tweets and referring their friends to the airdrop event.

A third, Group Quiz incentive that will run on the team’s Telegram channel was also announced, which is open to everyone to participate and earn rewards. The rules of the quiz have been provided here.

The Jarvis team will also launch a bot for its Telegram channel. According to the announcement, the bot will “play the role of the group administrator, answering questions within the group and organizing activities within the group.” Jarvis welcomes any feedback or suggestions on how to improve the bot, with submissions accepted through a survey that can be accessed here.

More information on Jarvis+ can be found at the links below.