Magic Cube, a NEO-based blockchain gaming platform, has announced the release of its DNC token. The DNC token aims to “[lower] transaction fees, encouraging people to engage in larger token transactions, and allowing users to exchange their tokens for MCC.”

The DNC token will be directly linked to the DNF token at a 1:1 ratio. The DNF token is an in-game token for Dungeon & Fighter, which is acquired by “completing tasks and slaying monsters.” Magic Cube states Dungeon & Fighter has 2 million daily active users and “produces roughly 30 million yuan-worth of DNF over any given 24-hour period.”

Magic Cube launched the DNC token to resolve a variety of issues users had been experiencing in the platform. Such issues included: 5% – 7% transaction fees, trading limitations, inability for “high level players [to] sell tokens to low level players,” and long wait times for transferring DNF tokens between accounts.

The DNC token, reportedly “built on top of MCC’s layer 2,” now allows for 100,000 transactions per second, transfer times less than two minutes, 0.3% handling fees, and increased transaction security. Users will be able to “wire transfer” DNF tokens out of the Dungeon & Fighter game onto the upcoming Magic Cube platform version 2.0, which will automatically convert to the DNF token.

Lastly, the Magic Cube native token, MCC, listed on BiBox on August 23rd, which is paired with NEO, EOS, and ETH.

The full announcement can be found at the link below: