Moonlight has announced the v1.1 release of its platform, adding new analytics functionality for the profile and link dashboards along with various other general improvements. The update is intended to provide users with direct access to useful insights that can be used to aid networking efforts.

In the release announcement, Moonlight co-founder Tyler Adams introduces the main benefit to the update:

“We consider our user’s ability to easily manage and control access to multiple profiles within the platform to be a key feature of our product offering. The new analytics functionality expands upon this offering and provides users with granular insights into how their data is being accessed.”

Traffic analytics for profile views (Source: Moonlight)

The analytics functionality has also been added to the link management section of the Moonlight app, where users can create multiple unique links for any particular profile. For example, a user could generate one link to use for business cards, one for each social media platform, and one for their email signature.

By monitoring the traffic for each link, the reach for each link can be determined, providing valuable feedback for future networking.

Moonlight also notes various app performance improvements and enhancements to styling to better distinguish Vivid users from Moonlight users as part of the release. According to the announcement, future releases will first build further on Vivid’s utility, which in turn will bring new functionality to Moonlight.

Readers interested in making use of Moonlight’s profile analytics can access the features after registering an account here.