Moonlight has added two new designers to the team, both of whom were hired to fulfill director-level positions. Moonlight is a decentralized workforce platform built on the NEO network that will make contract and freelance employment more appealing to both contributors and project owners. The platform seeks to develop an alternative approach for project staffing, realization, and compensation to create a distributed workforce.

Design Director

Ben Hallowes has joined Moonlight as design director, bringing with him 16 years experience in the entertainment, consumer, and healthcare sectors. One of Ben’s recent mobile products won the 2017 AXA PPP Health Tech & You ‘Trending Award,’ and was displayed at the Design Museum.

On joining the Moonlight team, Ben said, “the drive to execute remarkable ideas really helped convince me that Moonlight is one of the most exciting projects and teams in this space. I’m thrilled to now be part of the team crafting a truly groundbreaking product in a sector that has a real need for it. We’re all thoroughly excited to bring it to the masses.”

User Experience (UX) Director

James Weybourne is an award-winning designer, with over 18 years experience in “the design of user-centered digital solutions.” James has lead the design on a broad variety of projects in the healthcare, telecommunications, and social networking industries. He has also taken gold for the “Best Patient Support Programme” at the PM Awards Society.

On joining the Moonlight team as UX director, James said, “recruitment has faced the same frustrating, time-consuming challenges for decades. The Moonlight project has the potential to seriously disrupt the status quo and to propel the industry into the future. I’m very excited to be working with this highly skilled, customer-focused team and look forward to creating great experiences for our customers.”

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