On April 24th at the NEO meet up in Vienna, Moonlight announced a USD $1,000,000 investment from NEO Global Capital (NCG). NCG is the financial investment arm of the NEO Foundation, which aims to foster growth of the NEO ecosystem by providing support to promising projects. Other projects supported by NCG include Ontology, Trinity and Switcheo.

Moonlight is a smart economy workforce platform that aims to make it easier for organisations to identify and recruit talent. The compartmentalization of skilled resources and inability to verify previous work experience prevents employers from finding ‘the right person for the job’, and inhibits employees from finding roles they are passionate about. These issues can cause low moral and productivity within the workplace, and are detrimental to the success of any given project.

Moonlight aims to address this through a combination of trustless resumes and an employer-to-employer match making algorithm, in conjunction with a project management and remittance system. As workers are hired and complete tasks on the Moonlight platform, their experience is logged to the blockchain through smart contracts, including the skills required to complete the task, reviews from participating parties, and bid accuracy, which is the the accuracy of the time quoted to complete a task against the actual time to completion.

This will create a multidimensional and verifiable record of work experience, and will allow Moonlight to build a comprehensive recruitment solution. The inability to falsify skills and experience aims to be an improvement on current solutions such as UpWork, Freelancer and LinkedIn. By also providing project management tools comparable to Jira, Teamwork or Trello, the creation of teams and project execution can happen in once place, whilst new employees can be easily onboarded to existing projects.

In line with NEO Global Capital’s goal of supporting the NEO ecosystem,¬†Moonlight have also placed high emphasis on fostering NEO development. Moonlight have allocated 20% of funds from their upcoming token sale to seed projects on their platform that will enhance the growth of the NEO ecosystem, such as funding new compilers, development tools and promising projects. Moonlight hope this will accelerate the maturity of the NEO development landscape, whilst also attracting talent to the platform.

To further illustrate their commitment to the NEO blockchain, two of the co-founders, Tyler Adams and Alan Fong, are both City of Zion co-founders and council members, and authors of the NEP-5 token standard, adopted by all projects who have issued tokens on NEO.

To learn more about the Moonlight project, you can visit any of the following links.