Moonlight has announced the launch of the Copernicus MVP, allowing select users to create and share professional profiles tailored to specific audiences. The release also includes basic analytics tools, examples for attribute verification, and automated self-sovereign identity creation.

MVP functionality

The Copernicus MVP release aims to provide users with a way to tailor professional profiles to suit the audiences they are being shared with. Personal data only needs to be added to Moonlight a single time, at which point it can be attached to any number of profiles. This allows users to manage multiple profiles, sharing only data that is pertinent for viewers of a particular profile.

This approach is intended to make it easy for users to distribute separate representations of themselves. As an example, consider an individual with multiple career identities; on a typical platform for professional networking, the user would be forced to merge their experience and skills into a single profile.

Merging unrelated career experience in this way can lead to unfocused profiles with detrimental results when applying for work. With Moonlight, users can easily create multiple profiles, each representing a different facet of the user’s skillset.

An example profile can be seen here.

An example Moonlight profile (Source: Moonlight)

In addition to the profile functionality, the MVP includes basic profile monitoring features, such as support for multiple profile links each with separately tracked analytics.

This is intended to provide Moonlight users with the tools to determine who has viewed their profiles—for example, using unique profile paths across alternate social media platforms or on different job applications can help a user determine which channels or employers are showing the most interest.

SSI and Verification

The Moonlight profile beta also includes Neo blockchain integration in order to provide self-sovereign identity (SSI) capabilities. After signing up for Moonlight, an on-chain identity will be created for the user.

This functionality is enabled by three contracts that have been deployed to a private network for MVP use: Neo CNS, a DNS-like service; Neo Identity, a contract to manage proofs and SSI; and Neo Claims, a contract to manage claims against digital identities.

When a user completes verification for a particular attribute, for example ownership of a particular email address or GitHub account, the verified attribute is added to the user’s SSI. For the MVP, verification for email addresses, GitHub accounts, and StackOverflow accounts is supported.

Verifying a GitHub account with VIViD (Source: Moonlight)

The verification process is handled by Vivid, an SSI product built by the Moonlight team. Vivid is designed to be “a safe, quick and secure way to prove who you are online,” facilitating user friendly interaction with self-sovereign identities on the Neo blockchain.

Verified attributes are intended to provide users with a mechanism by which they can prove the validity of certain information without needing to directly reveal that information to each third-party that requests it.

For its next steps, the team aims to improve the MVP’s overall UX, expand the number of verifiable attributes, and enable users to view SSI features. More information on Vivid SSI will be announced in the near future.

Users interested in participating in the initial testing phase are recommended to contact a Moonlight team member via the team’s social media channels or register on the Moonlight website.