The Moonlight project, which aims to create a “Smart Economy Workforce” for contract labor, recently published a roadmap of upcoming releases for the Moonlight dApp. The roadmap comes after a careful consideration of user experience (UX) considerations. Moonlight’s design philosophy stems from the premise that its product needs to be tailored for its users.

Profile Management Tools

The first phase of Moonlight’s product trajectory, “Copernicus”, is slated for release in 2018. Copernicus is meant to allow for digital identity verification and the creation of digital resumes. Management of digital identities is an important building block that future releases will build upon.

Recruitment Portal

The second phase, Kepler, slated for 2019, focuses on “talent recruitment” — hiring — while promising “trustless resumes” certified by blockchain, multiple payment options, and a matchmaking engine.

Project Management Suite

“Galileo”, Moonlight’s third phase, focuses on project management, with support for collaboration between multiple teams, smart contract and Web APIs.

Decentralized Identity

Finally, Moonlight announced a new community-driven “universal blockchain identity initiative” called “Constellation”. Constellation is created and backed by a consortium, that currently includes Moonlight, Bridge Protocol, City of Zion, and NEO Global Development. The goals is to create a standard for decentralized identity and reputation in order to “streamline development in blockchain and make dApps more secure and simple to use in the near future.” Constellation will undergo development throughout 2019.

The Moonlight design considerations and roadmap announcements may be found at the following links:

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