Moonlight has joined Zilliqa’s ZILHive Accelerator, a six-month program that helps support startups in their growth phase. Moonlight will collaborate with Zilliqa to improve access to cross-chain decentralized self-sovereign identity (DSSI) tools, hoping to grow Moonlight’s user base.

In a conversation with Neo News Today, Vivid DSSI architect and Moonlight co-founder, Tyler Adams, stated the intention to build Zilliqa’s DSSI and decentralized identifier (DID) infrastructure. The Moonlight team will also be collaborating with Zilliqa-based projects on integrating Vivid login functionality into their dApps.

Moonlight will be conducting a major Vivid contract architecture update and integrating it with Zilliqa. Adams noted, “Our architecture is cross-chain by design. With that being said, it’s important for us to consider the unique features that distinguish each platform to ensure we create a product that meets their needs and expands our functionality.”

For example, a user with wallets from various blockchain platforms must maintain different public keys across multiple networks. This is an obvious pain point. Moonlight proposes binding keys to a user’s identity via Vivid, allowing them to prove ownership of public keys across platforms. Managing various keys, Adams notes, is essential for when a user wants to receive ZIL in exchange for NEO in Moonlight’s upcoming task marketplace.

As the Vivid network grows within the Zilliqa ecosystem, the Moonlight team will focus on further developing its recruitment portal. Designated “Kepler,” these features will enable users to create tasks to be bid on by contractors. Plans include offering a marketplace and tying into various social aspects of the platform. In this Kepler swimlane, Moonlight will also incrementally develop trustless resumes, flexible payment options, and a matchmaking engine.

Adams noted, “The ZILHive team has been really great to collaborate with so far. It’s great to have them in the smart economy ecosystem.”

The full announcement can be found at the link below: