On April 14, 2018, at the NEO loves Amsterdam conference, Moonlight announced partnerships with VDT and nOS. Moonlight have also recently announced City of Zion co-founder, Neon Exchange co-founder and Neon Wallet creator, Ethan Fast, will be joining the project as an advisor.

Moonlight & VDT

Moonlight is a decentralized workforce platform built on the NEO network that will make contract and freelance employment more appealing to both contributors and project owners. The platform seeks to develop an alternative approach for project staffing, realization, and compensation to create a distributed workforce.

VDT Network is a decentralized render farm with a goal of saving users both time and money on resource intensive rendering jobs through decentralized technology. VDT Network aims to minimize idle time and maximize jobs and incentives for render farms through constant availability of a decentralized render job market.

The partnership will see VDT Network fully integrate with Moonlight as its resource interface, allowing users to request and action render tasks through the Moonlight job marketplace.

Moonlight & nOS

Additionally, Moonlight is the first official partner of nOS.

nOS is a virtual operating system for NEO that will run on mobile and desktop, and functions like a browser and app store. The platform will seek to encourage consumer level adoption of NEO dApps by providing a safer and easier way to use applications.

Moonlight’s smart workforce dApp will be fully compatible with nOS, and nOS will utilize Moonlight for open source project development tasks.

New advisor: Ethan Fast

Moonlight have also announced Ethan Fast will be contributing to the project in an advisory role. Ethan (known as @unignorant in the NEO community) is one of the co-founders of City of Zion and Neon Exchange, and the creator of NEO’s most used wallet – the Neon Wallet. Tyler Adams, Moonlight co-founder had the following to say about the experience Ethan would bring to the project:

Ethan is one of the earliest technical contributors to the NEO community with the founding of City of Zion and creation of the Neon Wallet. His background covers a wide range of topics in Human-Computer Interaction, a domain which is critical for developing tools that our contributors will look forward to using. We are excited to learn from his experiences and develop a world class-platform that the NEO community can be proud of.

For more information on Moonlight, VDT Network or nOS, you can visit any of the following links.