Morpheus Labs, a blockchain service provider that aims to ease and encourage the adoption of blockchain technology, has announced a strategic alliance with NEO. Morpheus Labs has integrated NEO into its services, allowing developers to run a private NEO network and access a custom NEO dApp development stack in addition to its other features.

Morpheus Labs BPaaS

Morpheus Labs offers a Blockchain Platform as a Service (BPaaS) that aims to simplify the adoption of blockchain technology for developers and enterprises. The BPaaS solution is built on top of Amazon Web Services and offers support for multiple blockchains, including Ethereum and Hyperledger.

The service aims to streamline the development process of dApps and ensure their interoperability across multiple blockchain platforms. Multiple programming languages are supported, and the team claims that it can save up to 70% in operating costs for its clients.

A detailed introduction to the service can be found in its documentation here.

Integration with NEO

The strategic alliance with NEO primarily refers to the upcoming integration of NEO into its BPaaS suite. Morpheus Labs noted that NEO had been integrated into its staging and live environments, allowing users to quickly deploy a private NEO network and access a pre-defined NEO dApp development stack that uses neo-python and NodeJS.

Morpheus Labs has also published a Python smart contract sample alongside a dApp demo in its application library. The application library is a ‘crowdsourced marketplace’ for the curation of blockchain applications, allowing users to discover and purchase products. Contributors can submit their own apps to the library.

Integrating NEO will increase the variety of blockchains and dApp use cases that enterprises can choose to build on. NEO specific documentation for the service may be found here.

Moving forward, Morpheus Labs has noted the discovery of “an abundance of possible synergies” to explore in the short and long-term with NEO. The team claims it will maintain frequent contact with NEO and will promote it within the curriculum of universities that Morpheus Labs works with.

The full announcement can be found at the below link: