On May 9, 2018, Morpheus Wallet released v0.0.58 of their desktop wallet. The Morpheus Wallet supports NEO, GAS, and NEP-5 tokens along with Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

The update includes new features and improvements such as GAS claim bug fixes, a new dApp browser and token sale pages, improved UI and UX, and update notifications for new releases.

GAS Claim Issues Resolved

In earlier versions, users experienced issues with attempts to claim GAS. The development team identified the claim issues as an error with the “backend service,” which was fixed within the past few days.

Additionally, a new gauge has been integrated with the GAS claim button, to provide a visual representation of the user’s unclaimed GAS on the network.

dApp Browser Beta

The decentralized application (dApp) Browser Beta is one step closer to launch. The dApp Browser will make it possible for individuals to browse upcoming dApps and to participate in token sales. The first token sale to be featured in the Morpheus Wallet dApp Browser will be the upcoming Guardium (GDM) token sale.

UI and UX Improvements

The development team made improvements to the UI and UX, which include new fonts throughout the application, a new quick navigation menu, and moderately sharper edges on cards and corners. These changes to the UI were influenced by a new mobile wallet application which is currently in development. Lastly, at the request of users, the wallet now has a night (dark) and day (light) mode.

When updates are made available to the wallet, Morpheus will now alert users via pop-up messages and seamlessly download the update in the background.

Ledger Support

In addition to the upgrades made in v0.0.58, Morpheus recently released a video highlighting Ledger integration with the desktop wallet. The development team is in the final stages of Ledger integration, which will be included in a future wallet update.

v0.0.58 of the Morpheus Wallet can be downloaded from the Morpheus GitHub.

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