In an email distributed on January 23rd, the Narrative Company has announced it sold “certain Narrative assets” to a newly formed company that intends to launch a new version the content sharing platform. The new owners plan to redesign the platform based on Narrative’s code and content, as well as change its name.

Narrative’s assets were purchased by current Narrative members Zach (aka Banter), Natalia (aka Serroc), and Malcolm (aka Malkazoid) who recently incorporated to structure the deal. In the announcement, the new owners said:

When we relaunch the platform, you will be able to reclaim your existing Narrative accounts. Niches, publications, and content will remain intact, but you will need to sign in using your existing Narrative credentials. To receive info about the progress and launch, and participate in the process, please subscribe to [the] mailing list.

Additionally, Narrative Company emphasized, “[we] will not be involved with this new company, or in the management of the network in any way. This is our final message to members of Narrative, which will sunset as scheduled on Friday, January 24th.”

Overview of Narrative shut down

In December 2019, Narrative Company had announced it was shutting down the online content platform. The team had cited market events, regulatory uncertainty, and limited resources as primary factors in their decision. Effective immediately upon the announcement, Narrative restricted the creation of any new content, posts, comments, or quality ratings.

Later that month, Narrative Company announced it was open-sourcing its codebase using the GPL v3.0 license, a free, copyleft license for software that aims to ensure it is free for all its users.

Additionally, the team stated they had hoped to find an “acquiring entity [that] can fully assume all activities associated with the business.” Narrative assets for sale included access to the domain name, custody of the NRVE smart contract and token keys, Narrative content and comments, and member data.

Next steps

The new owners intend to distribute invitations to a Discord server in its first email to users who subscribed to be on the list.

At the time of press, there is no date for the launch of the new iteration of the Narrative platform.

Registration for the mailing list can be found at the link below: