Social media project Narrative recently announced an update to the alpha version of its content network. Narrative reports that the site’s architecture is new, with “an entirely new front-end”. The Narrative alpha does not serve content, but is focused on building out its platform through a niche management system in which new topics are approved and auctioned off. A referral program is also in place to incentivize new signups.

Narrative Alpha

The release of the update to Narrative’s alpha, announced on October 31st, 2018, fits the Narrative roadmap. Although activities in the Narrative alpha can generate NRVE rewards, they will not be paid out until further development of the platform. Narrative says that its revised front-end foreshadows the upcoming Narrative beta release.

Changes to the alpha’s update include site restructuring, rebuilt user profile pages, 72-hour countdowns for auctions and voting activity, and an improved search function. Meanwhile, members of Narrative’s private alpha site will start to see the rollout of individual features before they launch in the beta version, planned for December 2018.

Narrative Beta

The next step for the Narrative team is a public beta release that brings content posting, reputation scoring, and rewards program settlement. More features such as comments, sharing/bookmarking, moderator elections, content ratings, and personalizable publishing options are slated for development and gradual release later in the beta.

The full update announcement from Narrative can be viewed at the following link:

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