Nash co-founder Ethan Fast is stepping down from his role as Chief Research Officer to become the CTO at Vcreate, a startup focusing on the next generation of T-cell immunotherapies. Fast will continue to consult with Nash in an advisory capacity.

The announcement follows the addition of two new leadership roles in Sep. 2021 when Nash hired Rob Farmer as Chief Operating Officer and Marc Vekemans as Chief Marketing Officer. Nash’s leadership now brings experience in senior positions from companies like PayPal, Braintree/Venmo, HEMA, Travix, and

On the changing of the guards, CEO Kellogg Fairbank said:

Ethan has done great things at Nash, bringing his immense technical expertise to the development of our Layer-2 exchange and multi-party computation wallets. I’m glad we can still benefit from that expertise with Ethan as an advisor. Naturally, we will miss having him more directly involved in development at Nash, but I wish him the very best at Vcreate, a project that is pioneering technology for all the right reasons.

When Kellogg Fairbank took over as CEO in May 2021, Nash had already begun shifting towards combining traditional financial offerings with its non-custodial blockchain services to become a “crypto bank.”

Nash has since released its savings account, Nash Earnings. European users can deposit EUR on the Nash App and earn interest via Aave, a non-custodial liquidity protocol. Ultimately, the goal for Nash Earnings is to make liquidity provision as easy as using a standard bank account.

Under the direction of the new leadership, Nash will expand and promote Earnings, and integrate cash accounts and debit cards.

Following his promotion to CEO in May, Kellogg also signaled his intent to participate in a Series A fundraising round. To prepare for an early 2022 push, Nash will add new protocols and payment features. Examples include integrating Terra’s Anchor protocol alongside Aave and alternative payment methods for instant transfers into Earnings.

Additionally, the team intends to execute a variety of PR and marketing initiatives. The leadership team will then focus efforts on establishing the Nash brand and acquiring new users in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, plus new target markets as they arise.

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