Nash, a decentralized financial services platform registered in Liechtenstein, announced the date of the Nash Beta launch at 2019’s NEO DevCon in Seattle, Washington. The Nash Beta will be available to all members of the Nash Community on March 31st, 2019. Nash co-founder Fabio Canesin stated that “We will invite every member of our community to, on March 31, use our products to trade, pay, invest.”

United States Launch

Canesin elaborated, “We have…money transmitter licenses for several states…we are going to continue to pursue those licenses” in the United States, and that “We are going after every licence that will allow us to do the user experience that we want to provide.” Canesin provided further details on the U.S.A. launch picture in a later interview.

Nash Referral Program

On the DevCon stage, Canesin unveiled the new website design, and announced a referral program designed to spread the word and drive users to the upcoming exchange. Under the terms of the referral program, users will receive one “ticket” for signing up and two tickets for each successful referral. The tickets represent chances to draw for 34 prizes, together totalling $100,000 USD worth of Bitcoin and 46,000 Nash (NEX) tokens.

Tickets will need to be ‘activated’ by placing an order on the exchange after launch. The website also states that “To protect against fraud, only tickets activated by accounts with a portfolio balance of at least $25 at the time of the draw will count as valid.” Nash has published the full terms and conditions of its referral program on its website.

Canesin summarized the program, explaining, “We want to continue to work together with the community to refine the product,” as Nash plans to use feedback from early users to refine the site’s UI.

Developer Tools: APIs and SDKs

“We are developers at heart,” Canesin claimed, citing his and other co-founder’s experience with the community development group City of Zion. “We want interaction with a decentralized exchange made by three complex protocols…as easy as coding any centralized servers. To do that, we are offering a GraphQL API that can be transported through WebSocket or HTTP transports.”

Additional development tools released will include SDKs for the Python, Go, and TypeScript programming languages.

During an interview with Dylan Grabowski of NEO News Today, Canesin answered a question about his SDKs, saying, “Every exchange has an API, but we try to make this [Nash] API really useful” for developing applications. “To have a DEX with a really simple API is very hard…so we decided to do some SDKs which reduce the complexity.”

The SDKs are intended to make it “easy” to write applications that interact with the Nash DEX, funds management platform, and fiat gateway.

Community Feedback

Canesin answered a question about community development, saying, “Since we came from the community, we can iterate with the community to get the most perfect product possible.” “What we show, I hope changes a lot,” he added. Canesin later pointed interested users towards the Nash community and said he was there “every day” answering questions.

Canesin’s Nash NEO DevCon presentation can be found on the livestream replay at 4:06:44 here.

Canesin’s interview with NEO News Today from NEO DevCon 2019 can be viewed below.