Tuned, an all-in-one platform for creating and automating crypto trading strategies, recently adopted Nash Link to power its payment acceptance and invoicing protocols. Tuned claims to have processed more than $150 million worth in trading volume since its launch nine months ago.

Tuned makes it possible for users to develop their own crypto trading strategies using its own scripting language, Tuned Script. These strategies can then be automatically executed on the platform across numerous exchanges, including Coinbase, Binance, BitMex, and FTX Futures.

Once a trader has designed a strategy on Tuned, they can make it available to others at a fee (while retaining the original source code). Users interested in purchasing a strategy can review audited information about its performance directly from Tuned’s records.

Users are given access to various tools to empower this experience, including debugging tools, trade profitability summaries, and various other performance metrics. With the Nash Link, Tuned aims to simplify its distribution mechanism and remove the need to hold the crypto itself.

Anurag Gulati, co-founder & CBO of Tuned, commented: “That entire type of structure really enables our business. We could scale quickly without having to develop the infrastructure ourselves.”

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