Nash, a non-custodial exchange and blockchain services provider, is seeking product feedback from community members through surveys on its web and mobile apps. To incentivize participation, Nash intends to distribute 10 NEX tokens to 10 random users who complete both surveys.

Nash requests participants to focus on their “impressions and feelings about the usage and satisfaction with the product,” and not to provide insights that relate to any market or business activity.

The surveys focus on user likes and dislikes and includes a rating on overall product satisfaction. Users are also asked to provide any ideas they have for the product and can indicate if they would be interested in participating in a user testing interview.

Survey submissions must be made on the Nash forum, which requires users to have an account with at least 1 NEX token staked for 24 months.

No participation deadline has yet been given.

The web app and mobile app surveys can be found at the links below: