A range of improvements to nDapp.org have been deployed over the past few weeks. New features include a GAS reward calculator and a page to display centralized applications that integrate with Neo. GasBot also received updates, including newly supported tokens and a command to run token giveaways.

GAS Calculator

The basic GAS calculator may be found on the nDapp homepage. It is designed to provide users with a quick estimation for how much GAS will be rewarded when voting for a council member each month. Users can input an amount of NEO to see the GAS estimation and USD values.

A more advanced version of the calculator is currently in development, taking inspiration from NeoDashboard’s Earnings Simulator. The advanced calculator will allow users to receive a more precise estimation of expected returns by comparing the rewards for votes to different council members.

App directory

Since its redesign, nDapp’s project directory was made exclusive to decentralized applications, projects which rely on smart contracts for their key operations. Applications which integrated Neo but did not use smart contracts—exchanges, wallets, and block explorers—were moved to their own dedicated pages.

In the time since, several new applications have emerged which offer meaningful Neo utility without using smart contracts or falling into the above categories. Examples include Lounge, a community polling platform, and GasBot, which onboards Discord users to Neo with custodial accounts rather than smart contracts to reduce friction.

nDapp visitors will now find the dApp section renamed to Projects, which is split into dApp and App sections. In the dApp section, users will find the previous overview page with its project list, a detailed view with project information and transaction activity by contract, and the contract view.

The App section provides a similar overview of listed projects, but offers no contract view or transaction activity data in the detailed view. This change is intended to offer a home to projects that do not rely on smart contracts and further improve application discovery in the ecosystem.

GasBot Giveaways

The giveaway command is a new tool designed to give server owners and members a way to boost engagement and distribute tokens. Giveaways can be set up with a configurable reward amount for winners, quantity of winners, and win probability for participants. Any GasBot user may create a giveaway in a server where they have the appropriate permissions to do so.

All NEP-17 tokens supported by GasBot can be used as giveaway rewards. Giveaway creators will also need some GAS to pay for the blockchain transactions that will be performed over the course of the event.

GasBot was also enhanced with a range of newly supported tokens. Neo community members can now transact FDE, DOGER, DOGEF, and FUSD tokens using their GasBot accounts. These assets may also be used for giveaways and other minigames in the future.

Learn more about nDapp.org and GasBot by visiting the following link: