nDapp.org, a dApp discovery and analytics platform for the Neo ecosystem, has been updated with a number of new resources. Recent additions include pages for token pricing data and lists of exchanges, explorers, and wallets.

Neo News Today took custody of nDapp.org in December 2020, releasing a redesigned version three months later. One of the first new introductions was the Community Development page, with tracking for GitHub repository activity across Neo teams and development communities. Since then, further enhancements have been planned and implemented.

The most significant update is the new Tokens page, which allows users to track tokens in the Neo N3 ecosystem and quickly check prices, total supply, and market capitalization. Prices are sourced from on-chain data via the Flamingo API; new tokens will be supported as they are listed with Flamingo to ensure the page always provides realistic price information. Additional price sources will be integrated and aggregated as more exchanges with sufficient liquidity list NEP-17 tokens.

The nDapp Tokens page

Other new pages include the Wallets, Explorers, and Exchanges directories. Relocated from NeoNewsToday.com, these pages have been updated for N3 and made more accessible through filtering and searching tools.

On the Wallets page, users can find trusted mobile, desktop, web, and hardware wallets. These may be filtered by support for Legacy or N3, dApp connection protocol, and platform.

On the Explorers page, Neo block explorers are listed and linked, tagged for Legacy and N3 support.

On the Exchanges page, similar Legacy and N3 tags are used and supported with filtering by token type. Users can locate exchanges based on support for NEO, GAS, or NEP-17 tokens.

The official nDapp.org Twitter account was updated with automated tweet functionality in March this year. Users can follow to receive the Daily Network Activity Report for Neo N3, new dApp listings, and other relevant content.

Several tasks remain on the roadmap for nDapp, including deeper integration with on-chain services, an information page for GasBot’s Discord integration, and other service enhancements.

Users can visit nDapp at the link below: