NekoHit has launched on the Neo N3 MainNet, allowing users to request and participate in crowdfunding opportunities. NekoHit is a decentralized application that utilizes the Neo N3 blockchain to fund creative endeavors. The platform aims to connect content creators with individuals who can offer funding on a per-project basis instead of the subscription model used by other solutions such as Patreon.

Two contracts are now live on MainNet, the Work Contract Agreement and the CAT token. NekoHit’s WCA is a smart contract designed to give both creators and sponsors more control over the crowdfunding process. Sponsors can fund projects using GAS, CAT, FLM, bNEO, and fUSDT tokens. For a creator to request funding, they must also stake a number of tokens. If the creator fails to meet their deadlines, the sponsors can be compensated with the staked tokens.

When a creator declares a project, they must also establish a predetermined set of milestones for their deliverables. When each milestone is achieved, the creator will receive a portion of the funding from their patrons.

NekoHit charges a flat fee of .02 GAS when creating a new project. Further, there is another flat fee of .01 GAS fee for staking and purchasing tokens on the crowdfunding platform. At the time of press, there is only support for the NeoLine wallet.

Users who find any issues with the interface of the platform are encouraged to submit an issue on Nekohit GitHub or in the NekoHit Discord server.

Looking forward, the team will continue to develop the Nekoin community DAO token. Nekoin will be used to vote on the direction of the platform, such as whether or not to allow creators to change project deadlines.

The full announcement can be found at the link below: