Chinese developer community NewEconoLabs (NEL) has released its bi-weekly progress update, which covers early December, 2018. The report contains development details of various NEL projects, including its ZoroChain gaming sidechain, BlaCat game development platform, and NeoRay web-based smart contract debugger.

ZoroChain Development

NEL’s high-performance NEO sidechain, intended to support real-time gaming, has been the target of development work. NEL reports that a new “Zoro” source code was implemented, an Android software development kit was completed, cross-chain transfers between the ZoroChain sidechain and NEO blockchain were tested, and features were added to the ZoroChain block explorer.

NewEconoLabs plans to implement “Zoro Gas” fees as well as “intensive” cross-chain transaction testing in its next development phase.

NeoRay Debugger Launch

NEL also launched NeoRay, an all-in-one tool featuring a web-based debugger for NEO smart contracts written in the C# programming language. NEO News Today recently reported on the NeoRay release with a short tutorial intended to aid new developers. A host of development work went into the NeoRay release, including specific handling of the detailed troubleshooting information associated with transactions that call NeoRay’s smart contracts. UX and UI improvements were also implemented prior to launch.

NEL-CLI 2.9.3

NEL announced that its NEO node program was upgraded to 2.9.3, bringing it in line with the most current NEO-CLI version. NEL reports that a change in the way that data from blocks is synchronized with its database has increased the “data warehousing efficiency…by at least 10 times”.


Finally, NEL’s game development platform has completed a public testing phase. Its mobile wallet support received bug fixes, while a mobile-compatible version of BlaCat is the next aspect of the platform slated for development.

The full development report from NewEconoLabs can be viewed at the following link: