Neo and ChainNews, a China-based FinTech news outlet, are hosting a three-month question-and-answer challenge that will reward participants with NEO and other merchandise. The event, Neo Summer Challenge, will exclusively take place in Chinese on the WeChat platform via a mini-program called the “Knowledge Fighter.” Anyone who uses the WeChat communication application is eligible to participate in the event.

The three-month event has been divided into three different seasons. The first of which will take place from Monday, August 10th through Friday, August 14th. The second season will take place in September 2020, and the third in October 2020.

A total of 300 questions have been identified for the event, with 100 questions expected to be released during each season.

There will be two formats for the competition. The first, participants will join in teams comprised of two individuals and will engage in a one-on-one match with another team. The second format will offer multiple choice questions for participants to select answers. Following each successive win, the players will be ranked on a leader board accordingly, accessible within the WeChat application.

In a conversation with Neo News Today, the Neo Global Development Marketing team stated, “Top-ranked players will get NEO rewards while social media campaign will run simultaneously with lucky draws for Neo merchandises.” Participants can tentatively expect reward distributions to occur shortly after the conclusion of each season.