Diesis Network, a Europe-based social economy network, will collaborate with Neo Global Development to explore the potential of building on the Neo N3 blockchain. The Diesis Network focuses on supporting and benefiting social economy organizations – entities that put social and environmental purposes first, reinvesting most of their profit back into the organization.

The Diesis Network was founded in Brussels, BE, in 1997 to support the development of the social economy, entrepreneurship, and innovation. The network is comprised of 43 member organizations throughout 21 countries. Collectively, the network represents over 90,000 organizations and 1.2 million workers through major national federations and support networks.

Moving forward, NGD and Diesis will collaborate on multiple initiatives to help create a smart, social economy that utilizes Neo’s technology.

Tentatively, the Diesis Network will be built using smart contracts on Neo N3 and incorporate Neo’s features such as NeoFS and Neo’s identity solution, SeraphID. Further, NGD will provide technical assistance and offer training sessions for Diesis’ organizations to identify areas where blockchain can foster stronger social communities and enterprises.

Likewise, Diesis will help launch a research group that aims to identify areas where Neo’s technology can boost Diesis’ social economy initiatives. Examples include exploring DAOs and leveraging Diesis Network to reduce barriers to access to Neo’s technology.

The full announcement can be found at the link below: