NEO has announced a partnership with MixMarvel, a blockchain-powered global game publishing platform. To establish the partnership, MixMarvel will launch Ground Hunter, a first person shooter (FPS) game featuring NEO blockchain integration. Through the partnership, NEO and MixMarvel aim to surpass user experience and gameplay hurdles that stifle the mass adoption of blockchain games.

Ground Hunter

Ground Hunter, slated for release before the end of 2019, is an online PC FPS game that combines traditional off-chain gaming with on-chain NFT integration. Ground Hunter will feature two types of gameplay: Deathmatch, a mode where the team with the most headshots wins; and Point Control, a mode where teams are required to control a target point on a map to achieve victory. Players will also have the option to play in Casual Mode, featuring unranked quick-play style entry, or Battle Mode, which will seperate players according to levels and feature higher rewards.

Ground Hunter teaser image

Success in Ground Hunter is influenced by the type of level weaponry acquired by each character. Ground Hunter is free-to-play through the acquisition of off-chain firearms that have no limits to distribution. However, players have the option to acquire more powerful on-chain firearms that exist as NFT assets on the NEO blockchain. 100,000 on-chain firearms will be issued, which can be upgraded to higher levels by burning lower-level on-chain weaponry.

30% of the on-chain firearms will be purchased through the in-game store. The remaining firearms will be generated through Ground Hunter’s Proof of Action (PoA) mechanism that rewards players for behaviours that are “beneficial to the ecosystem,” loot boxes, or marketing events. Various firearm types and accessories are available.

Ground Hunter will also feature a mobile application that will allow players to trade, upgrade firearms, and open loot boxes, to enable participation when the user is away from their PC.

The Ground Hunter Telegram channel can be found at

MixMarvel Technologies

MixMarvel utilizes two core technologies, MixMarvel SDK and Rocket Protocol, to reduce the friction between traditional gaming developers and blockchain. The MixMarvel SDK offers a suite of tools to “decentralize, manage accounts, wallets and transaction, make predictions, and set up achievements.” The Rocket Protocol is MixMarvel’s second layer scaling solution, which engineers claim to have successfully integrated with the NEO blockchain.

By using smart contracts, the Ground Hunter team aims to offer “unmatched transparency in terms of its core logic and data (firearm assets).” Additionally, MixMarvel will implement the Ground Hunter Token (GHT) which can be used in the process of upgrading firearms, participating in activities, and to “attract players and encourage positive in-game behaviors” through PoA.

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