On November 20th, Neo Colorado hosted an Ideas and Microgrants event in Lafayette, Colorado. The idea generation event sought to foster the discussion of projects that could be built on the Neo blockchain, as well as potential support from the COZ microgrants program. COZ co-founder, Tyler Adams, attended the event to provide further details and information regarding the COZ microgrants and participate in discussions.

Attendees included developers and non-developers alike. Conversations were informal, and participants were able to share their ideas and field questions — many concepts centred around payments, identity, and POS systems.

For example, attendees discussed the potential for a temporary wallet to pay for goods and services and using cryptocurrency to pay on a per-use basis. The temporary wallet could also be semi-permanent and serve as a digital reward (or frequent customer) account for customers to build loyalty points. Further, this system may integrate into a broader Yelp- or Google-like restaurant, bar, or retail directory that could allow business owners to curate their business pages. Attendees also discussed the necessary level of outreach to approach local businesses and introduce how such a platform might benefit them.

Another idea included an education platform designed to increase blockchain and cryptocurrency knowledge. Such a platform would offer training modules that rewards users for watching informational videos and participating in a quiz.

Lastly, one event attendee discussed their previous work in building a payment system using cryptocurrency and QR codes, where customers pay for their beer per pour. Further discussion explored integrating identity verification into the process, which would verify a customer is of legal drinking age before using the system.

At the end of the event, participants had expressed interest in continuing the conversations that began at Ideas and Microgrants.

Moving forward, Neo Colorado seeks to foster communications between local developers and idea generators, with COZ and Neo ecosystem resources. Additionally, Neo Colorado aims to offer advice based on its experience in successfully applying for a COZ microgrant for the neo-burner project currently under development.

Future Neo Colorado events can be found at the link below: