The NEO Council has released its April 2018 monthly report. The monthly reports are a round up of all the developments, news and events from within NEO during the previous month.

The April report reflects on a very busy month with NEO taking part in 17 events. In addition NEO, also made significant changes to the documentation, progress on decentralization, development updates and processed further refunds for the NEO Sponsor Giveback program.

At the conclusion of April, 558 contributors to Antshares ICO 1 and ICO 2 have been refunded ¥15,546,944, a total of 52.45% of all contributions. NEO has extended the Sponsor Giveback Plan to May 31st, providing further time for early supporters of the project to claim their rewards. NEO has now started processing ICO 2 token claims for people who did not claim their tokens within a year. Those who require further assistance can email to receive information on how to proceed.

On April 4th, NEO announced the winners of its first ever dApp competition that was co-organized with Microsoft. 16 teams from over 500 entries were awarded a share in $490,000 worth of prizes. NEO noted that all winners have open source smart contracts, and they hope developers will look to these as examples to implement their own ideas.

On the subject of decentralization, NEO reported that Fenbushi Capital have deployed their consensus node to TestNet. Nodes currently running on TestNet are managed by the NEO Foundation, City of Zion, KPN and Fenbushi Capital, and NEO is now preparing to stress test the network.

In addition, NEO is developing a portal that will allow those who are interested in running consensus nodes to submit applications. In parallel, NEO is building a website that will display all the nominee information to allow NEO holders to make informed decisions on who they are voting for. The NEO-GUI will also be updated to include voting functionality.

The NEO document repository has undergone significant changes to make it easier to find information. The menu structure has been improved and a number of new pages added. NEO encourages the community to review translated versions of the documents to ensure translation accuracy.

Finally, NEO listed a number of events and development updates achieved in April. Some of the highlights include the NEO Europe tour which visited Amsterdam, Lisbon, Vienna, Paris and Zurich, and the added support of more seed nodes.

For the full list of events and development updates, and more information on the mentioned updates, you can read the full report found at the link below –