The NEO Council has released the first of what are to be ongoing monthly reports. With all the fervor surrounding recent news in China, it has been easy to forget just how much NEO has achieved in the last month. The NEO Council makes note of this, and the massive list of achievements and developments are listed as per below –

  • Completed rebranding to NEO
  • Launched new website
  • Released NEO 2.0 including full smart contract compatibility
  • NEO 2.0 upgrade maintenance
  • Smart Contract programming conference together with Microsoft Azure
  • R&D on using PGP signatures in neo-gui.
  • Updated technical documents, added Smart Contract “Getting started (Java)” and “Getting started (C#) for macOS“
  • Updated CLI Reference, API Reference, Smart Contract .net Framework
  • Testing of community developed projects (DO NOT USE CONFIRMED PHISHING)
  • RPX Smart Contract testing
  • RPX Smart Contract administration GUI
  • Smart Contract C# compiler development and maintenance
  • Smart Contract Java compiler development and maintenance
  • Cooperation with Innospace+ to create “Blockchain New Landmark”
  • Conference “Blockchain X Series – NEO example applications”
  • Second development night, INNOxNEO
  • Japan trip, meeting with exchanges and Nomura Securities
  • Tokyo Meetup

The report also addresses the situation regarding Chinese regulations. Aside from clarifying that new regulations are related to public fundraising, with private fundraising with less than 200 participants is still legal, the NEO council says they have no further news. The council is following the regulation process closely and will update the community as soon as there are official regulations for them to act on.

NEO also make a point of emphasizing that ICOs are just a small part of what the platform is capable of, and that there are many more NEO use cases that will contribute to the burgeoning smart economy.

Another announcement made in the report that will be well received by the NEO community was a revealing of the road map for the next six months. Notable milestones are NEO DevCon 1 (2017Q4) – First NEO Development Conference, and a Globally Legal Token-raising Framework (2017Q4).

NEO 6 month roadmap

The full report can be read at the following link –