A Neo course, Developing on Neo, has been added to online education platform Blockgeeks, which offers over 1,500 courses aimed at educating its user base about blockchain technology. The nine-part Neo course includes an introduction to blockchain technology and developing on the Neo platform.

Blockgeeks (est. 2017) is an educational resource that aims guide students into the cryptocurrency and blockchain space by offering online guides and courses. Currently, the platform claims to have approximately 77,000 registered users who have completed more than 7,700 courses.

The first segment of the Neo course focuses on the theory and history of blockchain. Afterward, the course offers an in-depth look into the core technology that supports the current Neo 2.x blockchain. The initial overview includes the logic behind the delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance (dBFT) consensus mechanism and NeoVM, among other topics included in the Neo whitepaper.

The next segment of the course acquaints students with creating a Neo wallet using NEO-GUI and the Neo console wallet, NEO-CLI. The following module provides a technical overview of Neo blockchain smart contracts and the structure of NEP-5 tokens.

The final section goes into further detail about coding on the Neo blockchain, teaching students how to write a NEP-5 smart contract, interact with a smart contract, explore Neo’s smart contract infrastructure, and create a dApp.

The entire Developing on Neo course contains approximately six hours of content and is cumulatively about ten hours when combined with the practice assignments.

The Developing on Neo course can be accessed at the link below: