Liquefy, a Hong Kong-based firm specializing in digitization of assets and digital securities, has announced an investment from NEO Global Development (NGD) and a partnership with the aim of developing a “NEO based security token ecosystem” with tokenized securities issued on the NEO blockchain.

Liquefy CEO Adrian Lai commented, “We are excited to welcome NGD as an investor and a partner to develop a security token ecosystem together and bring innovation to the financial market.”

Liquefy Platform

Liquefy’s first product offering has been the Liquefy Platform, which according to Liquefy, “enables digitization of assets such as private companies, public shares, funds, real estates and any other assets using blockchain technology.” The company’s focus is on tokenization of a variety of assets, such as equity, debt, real estate, fine art, intellectual property, commodities derivatives, and copyright.

NGD’s partnership and investment into Liquefy has come at a time when both groups are exploring global securities compliance. NEO’s “Global Blockchain Compliance Hub” and its Digital Asset Alliance are focused on creating compliant securities for jurisdictions across the world. For its part, Liquefy claims to have developed “a comprehensive compliance protocol for over 50 jurisdictions.”

Liquefy’s investment and partnership announcement can be viewed in full at the following link: