Neo has officially launched An-shun Chain, an Ethereum-compatible consortium blockchain designed specifically for the Chinese enterprise market. Live for business users on BSN-DDC, An-shun Chain aims to enhance efficiencies in sectors such as supply chain management, data integration, and digital asset exchange by meeting domestic application needs.

Developed as part of Neo’s initiative to boost blockchain interoperability and revolutionize traditional industries with Web3 technologies, An-shun Chain leverages the foundation laid by the recently introduced Neo X, an EVM-compatible sidechain. This new chain offers increased performance and security tailored to the BSN-DCC Network’s requirements, a distributed cloud service managed by Blockchain-based Service Network China.

An-shun Chain aims to stand out for its high performance, cost-effectiveness, capacity to address business challenges in supply chain traceability, NFTs, and complex data integration scenarios. It incorporates advanced technologies like the HotStuff consensus algorithm for efficient Byzantine fault tolerance and supports over 100 consensus nodes, ensuring system reliability.

An-shun Chain’s compatibility with Ethereum development tools offers developers and enterprises the flexibility to build applications and deploy smart contracts on-chain using common EVM tools, fostering broader adoption of blockchain and Web3 technologies.

The launch has been welcomed by leaders in the blockchain industry, including He Yifan, CEO of Red Date Technology, who praised Neo’s innovative approach and the potential of An-shun Chain to expand the DDC network’s industry coverage. He emphasized the network’s commitment to providing an open, secure, and stable infrastructure for blockchain development:

“The continuous introduction of consortium chains, such as the new An-shun Chain by the DDC network, demonstrates a forward-looking and innovative approach. Through the new chain, Neo is providing more convenient access to these technologies for enterprises, institutions, and individual users, while enabling the DDC network to cover a broader range of industries. As we move forward, the DDC network will continue to provide an open, transparent, secure, and stable infrastructure, and we look forward to working further with Neo to realize this.”

Neo co-founder Da Hongfei spoke about how the new An-shun Chain is congruent with Neo’s Smart Economy vision and builds upon the existing body of Neo X work:

“The launch of the new An-shun Chain aligns with Neo’s vision to drive blockchain interoperability and transform traditional industries with Web3 tools, paving the way for a future of the Smart Economy. The Ethereum-compatible An-shun Chain utilizes robust and innovative technologies, including Byzantine fault-tolerance consensus mechanisms, ensuring the highest reliability of the system. Additionally, it builds on the recent launch of our new EVM-compatible sidechain, Neo X, which is permissionless and provides increased security and privacy for users.”

Neo was one of the first blockchains to join BSN in 2020 when Neo Legacy was deployed to network. BSN and Neo held a joint AMA on the Neo subreddit in August, 2020.

For more details on An-shun Chain or to access its services, interested parties can visit the DDC network official website below: