Neo has launched the pre-alpha TestNet of Neo X, its EVM sidechain project. Users who wish to explore and test the network’s features are encouraged to sign up for the Early-Access Group.

Neo X aims to connect the Neo N3 network with the widely-used EVM network, broadening the scope of development opportunities within the Neo ecosystem. It will inherit certain features from Neo N3, such as its dBFT mechanism, while extending functionality in other areas, such as measures to address toxic MEV behaviors.

Pre-Alpha TestNet

The Neo X pre-alpha TestNet version ships with various features relating to consensus integration and cryptography, including:

  • dBFT Consensus Engine Support: The dBFT consensus engine has been incorporated into Ethereum nodes, using the Geth Ethereum node implementation as a base.
  • Standby Validators: A set of pre-configured validators serves as dBFT consensus nodes, maintaining the unique characteristics of the dBFT consensus mechanism.
  • Enhancements to Ethereum P2P Protocol: The Ethereum P2P protocol has been extended to include dBFT-specific consensus messages.
  • Compatibility with Ethereum Block Structure: Minimal changes have been made to the Ethereum block structure to maintain compatibility with existing tools. The MixHash block field now stores NextConsensus information, and the Nonce field contains the dBFT Primary index.
  • Integration of Multisignature Scheme: The multisignature scheme from Neo N3 has been adapted for the Ethereum block structure, enabling Neo X consensus nodes to add and verify M out of N signatures on a block.
  • Use of Secp256k1 Signatures: This signature protocol is used for block signing in the Neo X network.

Future updates of the TestNet will introduce features such as the multi-node dBFT consensus mechanism and a native bridge linking Neo X with Neo N3.

Early-Access Group

Developers are invited to join the Early-Access Group to test and provide feedback on Neo X’s features. Participation in the group offers direct support from the core development team and access to essential testing resources. Input from members will be crucial in refining Neo X and enhancing the overall developer experience.

More information can be found at the link below: