NEO Name Service (NNS), a domain name protocol for wallet addresses on the NEO blockchain, has expanded its NNC utility token to blockchain gaming with a partnership with FishChain, a China-based mining and fish raising game. According to NNS developer NewEconoLabs, NNC fish can be used for “token production, preeding, fishing and trading.” The NNC fish produce NNC tokens for their owners when they are kept in a fishbowl.

NNC fish and fishbowls will be offered in an upcoming auction; NNC is a NEO blockchain asset, while FishChain fish and fishbowls exist as ERC-721 (non-fungible) assets on the Ethereum blockchain. However, specialized fish can grant their users assets on different blockchains, such as Elastos’ native ELA token, or NEO’s NNC. The NNC/FishChain tie-in comes on the heels of NNC’s listing on the GAEX centralized exchange, which focuses on blockchain gaming assets.

Non-Fungible Fish and Fishbowl Mining

In the world of FishChain, unique, breedable fish with genetic characteristics act as “mining devices” that give their owners a cut of a “daily mining pool” when they are placed in a fishbowl. The rate of mining rewards varies with the color and rarity of the fishbowl and the fish inside it. For example, golden fishbowls and black fish grant their owners the most mining rewards.

NNC fish, which are originally obtained at auction, can be bred to produce offspring that contain genetic traits inherited from their parents. These offspring can be sold to other players in the fish market. However, frequent breeding reduces the mining reward granted by the game’s fish.

Additionally, casual players are able to catch fish with a rod and reel in the open ocean, or in fisheries which are rented and maintained by other players.

NewEconoLabs advises that “the most important asset of the FishChain” is the fishbowl, and they encourage motivated players to obtain NNC fish and fishbowls on the open market or at the inital auction. The time of the upcoming auction will be announced on the project’s Twitter feed.

The full NNC and FishChain announcement can be viewed at the following link: