Neo Global Development released its Neo Global Monthly Report for November 2020. The report provided details on recent progress towards Neo3 Preview4, including the merging of PRs related to governance and economics, the introduction of the new NEP-17 token standard, implementation of Neo3 support into developer community products, marketing efforts, ecosystem growth, plus more.

NGD Enterprise lead, John deVadoss, published an article on CoinTelegraph about blockchain systems and how they can disrupt enterprise IT architecture. deVadoss argued that blockchain platforms enable a fundamentally new approach to enterprise architecture by putting economic incentives front and center.

NNT Catch Up

Switcheo CEO and co-founder, Ivan Poon, joined Neo News Today on episode 46 of the NNT Podcast. Discussion topics included operating an exchange through bull and bear markets, traditional fund-raising versus token offerings, TradeHub, PolyNetwork, Flamingo, Neo3, and much more.

In the interview, Poon discussed how he hopes SWTH token holders will carry forth the Switcheo protocol and ecosystem. Since its inception, Switcheo has moved increasingly in the direction of architectural and political decentralization, preparing to place the care of its network and product strategy in the hands of its token holders. Ultimately, Poon believes a positive track record and determination may sway SWTH token holders to vote inline with Switcheo’s founding vision.

Developer Groups

COZ released v0.6 of Boa, its Python smart contract compiler for Neo3. Version 0.6 brings numerous improvements, including support for NEP-17 token development, cryptography methods, and test framework improvements.

NEXT published an article about Neo3’s upcoming built-in oracle support. The article offered a technical overview of oracles, example use cases, and potential implementation in Neo3.

O3 Labs released a guide for creating an Ethereum-based account in the O3 Wallet and hosted an AMA to discuss the Ethereum integration with its community.


Dec. 14, Margin announced its integration with Nash. Margin is a trading terminal offering tools including indicators and trading bots with customizable strategies. Margin made the Nash version of its terminal available to all users for free, which is usually a paid service.

Dec. 15, Nash launched the Nash League trading competition, which will run through Jan. 15, 2021.

Dec. 15, Bridge upgraded its identity platform to v3.1, expanding Bridge Passport access to Android mobile users. Additionally, Bridge Passport users can now acquire ERC-20 BRDG tokens from Uniswap through its Chrome extension.

Dec. 16, Switcheo launched Demex, a fully non-custodial exchange that will focus on margin and derivatives trading. Initially, Demex offered spot trading for SWTH/ETH, SWTH/USDC, and ETH/WBTC markets, and rewards for liquidity providers.

Dec. 16, DeepBrain Chain released its fortnightly update claiming it now has approximately 16,000 DBC Network AI users. Its report also noted smart contract updates to distribute rewards according to the type of mining use, web page improvements, event participation, and more.

Dec. 16, Bridge released an article outlining real-world use cases for the Bridge Identity platform. Examples included token sales, KYC for exchanges, gambling and gaming, custom credentials and certifications, and more.

Dec. 17, Nash achieved a new all time high in 24 hour exchange volume with US $7,128,381.

Dec. 17, Switcheo proposed to upgrade TradeHub to v1.10, which contained node performance optimizations and fixes for futures trading and liquidity rewards.

Dec. 17, Demex reached approximately US $1.48 million in liquidity across its three pools within 24 hours of launch.

Dec. 17, TranslateMe celebrated its second anniversary and launched a new website.

Dec. 17, Bridge presented a use case for its identity verification services for DeFi loan practices.

Dec. 18, Demex added five new markets: ETH/USDC, WBTC/USDC, CEL/USDC, NEX/USDC, and nNEO/USDC. The markets are currently only available for spot trading and will offer rewards for each pool to incentivize liquidity.

Token Listings

NEX listed on Demex.

nNEO listed on Demex.


Dec. 22: Da Hongfei to deliver keynote “Neo3: A New Start for Pragmatic Idealists” at International Blockchain Technology Innovation Summit in Sanya, China.

Dec. 24: Da Hongfei to participate in a virtual panel for the “Cointelegraph Chinese First Anniversary” online summit.