Neo Global Development released Neo3 Preview4, bringing numerous new functionalities, including initial oracle support, the new NEP-17 token standard, and the updated economic model. A new test network running Preview4 has subsequently been launched, allowing the latest upgrades and new features to be more easily explored by developers.

Neo Global Development released a Christmas NFT treasure hunt. Participants can watch a video published to YouTube and follow instructions to win a limited edition NFT.

Flamingo Finance announced its Perp trading competition will launch in the “next few weeks,” with more details to come next week. The announcement also noted adjustments to FLM token distribution will be made upon the official launch of Perp. Lastly, Flamingo said that it will “find a more appropriate distribution method” for the GAS generated by NEO stored in nNEO contracts following the ‘No’ vote on the first Flamingo Improvement Proposal. The FIP would have used the stored GAS as rewards in the Perp trading competition.

Neo co-founder, Da Hongfei, gave a keynote speech at the 2nd Nova Global Blockchain Investment Institutions Summit in Sanya, China on Dec. 21. He gave an in-depth walkthrough of five new aspects about Neo3, and subsequently published an English version of his presentation in an article.

During the talk, Da stated his belief that the dynamic on-chain governance mechanism is the most “important and sophisticated” change. Neo3 will feature a brand new economic and governance model designed to decentralize the Neo network and its decision-making. Neo’s new governance system enables “Elastic Manageability,” or an ability to adapt to various social jurisdictions. Over time, Da expects Neo’s operational philosophy and council make up to be “shaped in a recurring game-theory between voters and node candidates.”

Da Hongfei was featured in a CoinTelegraph article alongside other blockchain industry leaders to discuss the 2020 trends in DeFi and outlook for 2021. Da noted several new protocols to improve cross-chain asset bridges and outlined how interoperability protocols such as Poly Network help pave the way for a globalized and boundary-free smart economy.

NNT Catch Up

Neo News Today hosted Degen Power on the Know Your Validator – Switcheo series. Degen Power is a cross-continent team of four that has been involved with the blockchain space since 2017, coming from a range of professional backgrounds. Degen Power is currently entrusted with the fourth-largest total stake on the Switcheo network and places a high value on being actively involved with the Switcheo community. Recently, Degen Power founded the Switcheo Discord group and donated 50% of its validator earnings to the Switcheo Community Fund. Degen Power also shares 25% of its earnings with “dedicated delegators,” who are SWTH holders that stake 100% of their tokens with the group, with a minimum of 100k.

Developer Groups

O3 Labs updated its Android and iOS mobile wallets with integrated support for Bitcoin. It also conducted a 1,000 GAS Christmas giveaway for members of its O3 Community Telegram Group.


Dec. 23, Novem released an ERC-20 version of the NNN gold-backed token, claimed to be the first token of its kind to be on the Neo and Ethereum blockchains. Novem will develop a bridge between Neo and Ethereum to swap NNN tokens between the two chains for its next steps.

Dec. 23, Nash League total trading volume exceeded US $30 million on the Nash non-custodial exchange.

Token Listings

Novem NNN gold-backed token listed on Uniswap.


Dec. 30: Neo Foundation to conduct AMA on Neo Live.