Neo Global Development announced the release of Neo3 Preview5, the final major update before the formal TestNet. The new version features various new functionality, including the built-in name service, oracle module, and more. Developers will begin testing the oracle service in smart contracts once oracle nodes using the new module are operational. Preview5 is also the first release based on Microsoft’s new .NET 5.0 SDK.

NGD head of marketing and Flamingo product lead, Yuan Gao, participated in an AMA to discuss the protocol’s recent asset flow redesign proposal found in FIP #2. In the AMA, Gao provided an overview of lessons learned since launch, upcoming changes to the asset flow model, Flamingo’s roadmap for the first half of 2021, and answered questions from the community.

FIP #2 passed with approximately 18.1 million FLM voting in favor of the proposal, surpassing the quorum minimum of 3.15% required to move forward.

Poly Network announced it is adding Zilliqa to its cross-chain asset swapping protocol. The move is part of a new partnership, noted by Poly Network as another step in its mission to drive interoperability between blockchain platforms. Once complete, the implementation will enable applications and tokens on Zilliqa to interact with other participating blockchains, like Neo. 

Developer Groups

NEXT released its monthly report for January 2021, which noted ongoing integration of Neo3 Preview5 into the NeoLine wallet and NeoTube block explorer, community activities, and development updates for each of the NEXT products.

AxLabs senior software developers, Dr. Guilherme Sperb Machado and Claude Müller, recounted Neo’s history and detailed its next iteration in Crypto Outlook 2021, a Bitcoin Suisse publication. The article outlined how the Neo3 platform will offer the tooling to improve upon the developer experience in Neo2.

NeoResearch added support for Neo3 Preview5 to Developers can now compile contracts and perform tests on new Neo functionalities. 


Feb. 1, QLC Chain released its fortnightly update, noting three QLC Chain nodes hosted by the Metro Ethernet Forum, the first invoice from a Hong Kong-based cloud service provider, the relaunch of the official QLC Chain Telegram channel, and more.

Feb. 2, Nash League level two was unlocked, raising the available prizes to US $20,000, split 50/50 between solo participants and one squad.

Feb. 2, DeepBrain Chain released its fortnightly report, which noted several improvements to the website front- and back-end, DeepBrain Chain MainNet, and user and ecosystem growth. 

Feb. 3, Moonlight announced the Vivid decentralized identity specification for Neo and Zilliqa was approved and merged by the W3C Organization.

Feb. 3, Nash released a short update noting improvements in reward payout UX and the allowing of users to withdraw untradeable assets from Nash Channels.

Feb. 3, Demex was listed on the Nomics Finance cryptocurrency price and data aggregator.

Feb. 3, QLC Chain released an updated roadmap for 2021, which includes plans for supporting Ethereum-based layer two solutions, integrating oracle support, supporting synthetic assets, and Polkadot layer two solutions.

Feb. 4, Switcheo Labs co-founder, Ivan Poon, participated in a livecast with strategic partner, DeFiance Capital to discuss derivatives-based exchanges. 

Feb. 4, Switcheo TradeHub was upgraded to v1.12.0, which included a UI update to the Demex trading platform.

Feb. 5, O3 Labs released its monthly report for January 2021, which noted Ethereum integration, the addition of EUR to the O3 Wallet, called for Polkadot and Huobi ECO beta testers, and more.

Feb. 5, Nash League level three was unlocked, raising the available prizes to US $30,000, split 50/50 between solo participants and one squad.

Feb. 7, Switcheo TradeHub experienced a chain halt at block 7,252,686 caused by an internal consistency safeguard. Transfers on TradeHub and trading on Demex were suspended, while user funds were safe. Node validators upgraded to hotfix binary v1.12.1 to resolve the issue within a few hours.


Feb. 8: Switcheo co-founder, Ivan Poon, interview with Blockchain Andy.