Neo wished everyone a happy Lunar New Year, entering the Year of the Ox.

Neo Global Development published its monthly report for January 2021, which detailed the release of Neo3 Preview5, various protocol and developer community updates, and ecosystem growth.

Poly Network announced it has integrated support for HuobiECO Chain, which now offers the first cross-chain lending solution for NEO through the FilDA platform.

Developer Groups

Neo SPCC released a Neo3 Preview5-compatible version of NeoGo, bringing with it numerous important protocol changes and a range of new features. The release has been tested on Preview5 TestNet as one of the consensus nodes, succesfully processing over 50k blocks with no storage state abnormalities.

Dubbed Hyperproduction, NeoGo’s latest iteration provides full support for the latest Neo3 features. The oracle module and Neo Name Service native contract provide new tools for developers and normal users alike, and an improved native contract interop interface will make them much easier to access.

The release also includes a new notary module and native contract that provides a P2P signature collection and verification service for sending multisig transactions.

NNT Catch Up

Neo News Today hosted Steven Liu, technologist at the Neo Foundation and tech lead for Flamingo Finance, on episode 49 of the NNT podcast. Discussion topics include Steven’s various roles at Neo, Flamingo’s place in the Neo ecosystem, the development and roll-out of Neo3, and much more.

In the interview, Liu talked about how Flamingo is building the infrastructure for DeFi in the Neo ecosystem. Ultimately, Liu noted that Flamingo’s vision is to “be the entrance [for] users and traders to join the new DeFi world and connect the real-world financial activity with the blockchain world.”

Switcheo delivered a post mortem report on a chain halt experienced on Feb. 7, which it was able to address while ensuring all assets on the chain remained safe. The chain went down at 10:30 a.m. (UTC) on Sunday, and its liveliness was restored a few hours later, at 3:00 p.m. 


Feb. 8, Nash announced it is combining traditional financial offerings with its non-custodial blockchain services. The company is developing new products that will include fiat-based checking accounts, high-yield savings accounts powered by DeFi, and a cryptocurrency-backed debit card.

Feb. 8, O3 Labs integrated support for Polkadot and HuobiECO Chain and is seeking beta testers.

Feb. 8, QLC Chain is conducting a meme contest through Feb. 20 and is rewarding the top ten creators with QLC.

Feb. 8, Jarvis released its fortnightly report and noted development of its corpus and improved hit rate of specific topics for the AI bot.

Feb. 10, TranslateMe’s TMN token was listed on the Nomics Finance cryptocurrency price and data aggregator.

Feb. 10, QLC Chain launched an official Discord server.

Feb. 10, The total number of NEX tokens staked on Nash surpassed 19 million.  

Feb. 11, Nash League surpassed $40 million in trading volume, unlocking $40,000 prizes to be split between solo traders and two teams.

Feb. 11, TranslateMe completed its fifth corpus for testing, offering support for Hindi, Spanish, German, French, and Russian.