Neo Foundation technologist, Flamingo Finance tech lead, and NGD head of development, Steven Liu, delivered a workshop for the Hack the Mountaintops 2.0 hackathon. In the presentation, Liu offered a walkthrough of developing a smart contract, and also discussed Neo’s history, architecture, and upcoming features in N3.

Neo was featured in ChainCatcher, a Chinese publication focused on blockchain, offering details of the coming governance structure in N3. An English version of the article was uploaded to Neo’s website.

Neo is an Associate Sponsor of the 2021 Asia Innovation Summit, a seven-day virtual event taking place July 14 – 21, 2021. Focus areas for the Summit include digital assets and DeFi, AI and machine learning, and IoT and robotics. There is no cost to register for the event.

NNT Catch Up

Neo SPCC CIO, Stanislav Bogatyrev, joined episode 56 of the NNT podcast to discuss NeoFS. NeoFS aims to be the first decentralized storage network adequately equipped to handle real-world use cases for distributed applications. In the interview, Bogatyrev introduced listeners to the distributed storage network, how it natively integrates with the Neo blockchain, and the benefits behind the various design elements of NeoFS.

Neo Frontier Launchpad participants reported positive experiences using tools that have been developed since N3 was announced in March 2019. Their initial reflections indicate that Neo is making progress on its ambition to become one of the most developer-friendly platforms in blockchain. To learn more about the N3 developer experience, Neo News Today reached out to Launchpad participants, many of whom are brand new to the ecosystem. Developers commented on aspects such as maturity, completeness, ease-of-use, and supporting resources, to paint a picture of the current state of Neo’s tooling suite.

Developer Groups

COZ released a new SDK, which integrates support for WalletConnect, an open-source protocol designed to facilitate communication between dApps and blockchain wallets. COZ also released a new prototype web wallet, Aero, and a new Dojo article introducing the WalletConnect protocol and integrating it with Neo applications.

Neo SPCC released a new update for its Go node for N3 RC3. Released to address minor technical differences that were causing state mismatches, the new build was proven to be state root-compatible with the core C# client up to 281K blocks. Node runners needed to resynchronize the chain to get the correct state. Neo SPCC’s maintainers for the NeoGo project credit the RC3 hackathon participants and others participating on the N3 TestNet for helping to uncover various issues.


July 5, O3 Labs released a quarterly overview for Q2 2021, which noted the development and launch of three modules (swap, hub, and vault), updates to support cross-chain transactions in the O3 Wallet, and participation in various AMAs.

July 6, Onramper announced a partnership with Indacoin, a fiat-to-crypto portal that allows users to purchase more than 100 cryptocurrencies with credit and debit cards. 

July 6, NeoWorld announced the team had terminated communication and media channels for its China-based users to comply with national regulations. However, the team will continue to provide updates via its Twitter account.

July 6, DeepBrain Chain released its fortnightly update, which noted that NEP-5 DBC swaps for MainNet tokens went live on and will also be available on Huobi and KuCoin in Aug. 2021.

July 8, GhostMarket launched a forum for users to provide feedback on upcoming features and vote on their order of importance.

Token Listings

NEO and GAS were listed on the non-custodial SwapSpace exchange aggregator.