Neo co-founder, Da Hongfei, noted the importance of being able to operate within different regulatory jurisdictions as part of Neo’s open network vision. In an interview with Data Dash’s Nicholas Merten, Da referenced a future where independent versions of blockchains might operate as part of a broader Neo ecosystem. In this vision of the Neo open network, multiple iterations of Neo could connect and communicate with one another via an interoperability protocol, such as the Poly Network.

Three Neo Frontier Launchpad workshops took place this week to provide live walkthroughs of Neo tooling and infrastructure for participants in the Development phase of the hackathon and incubation event. The list of events and their recorded sessions can be found below: 

Neo Global Development announced the judging panel for the Neo Frontier Launchpad event. The judges include representatives from Exodus, Ledger, CV Labs, Blockchain Cuties, Coin Telegraph, Neo Foundation, NGD Enterprise, Multicoin Capital, and Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Developer Groups

COZ released a new tutorial entitled, Interfacing with smart contracts using Neon.js, which offers an overview of the different types of contract invocations, and how to execute them both to read and publish data to the blockchain. 

AxLabs released an NFT smart contract example to serve as a Java reference implementation for the NEP-11 standard on Neo N3. 


June 21, QLC Chain announced that Colt Technology Service Group, a multinational telecommunications company, will set up a QLC Chain node for its proof of concept billing service. 

June 21, Poly Network announced the interoperability protocol had surpassed US $6 billion in total trading volume and approximately $700 million in total inbound assets. 

June 21, O3 Labs announced the O3 Swap platform surpassed $450 million in total value locked.

June 22, Neo Colorado hosted an informal meetup in Denver, CO, the grassroots community’s first in-person event since Feb. 2020. 

June 22, Nash co-founder, Ethan Fast, released an academic publication entitled “Improving security for users of decentralized exchanges through multiparty computation.” The paper offered an overview of MPCs, which allow for creating API keys and security policies applicable to any existing decentralized exchange.

June 22, GhostMarket announced the integration of support for Binance Smart Chain, and launched a 10-day community reward campaign to celebrate the launch. 

June 23, Poly Network ecosystem growth manager, John Wang, participated in a Binance Smart Chain tech workshop series to discuss the Poly Network interoperability protocol. Wang talked about building dApps on different blockchains, connecting them through interoperability protocols, protecting users from malicious actors who take advantage of cross-chain transfers, and more.

June 23, O3 Labs manager, Matt Powers, joined the Lisa N Edwards show to talk about staking the O3 token and earning rewards, liquidity mining campaigns, multi-chain support, plans to list on exchanges, application scenarios for the O3 token, and much more. 

June 24, Onramper announced a partnership with Coinify, a cryptocurrency platform offering solutions in Europe, Asia, and other regions. 

June 25, Nash announced plans to launch a bookkeeping smart contract and earning account in July 2021, allowing its users to lend via the Aave protocol. Looking forward, in Q3 2021, Nash looks to implement credit card support for the platform. 

June 27, O3 Labs announced an airdrop campaign of $50,000 in O3 tokens, which will run from June 28 through July 7.