Neo co-founder, Da Hongfei, published an op-ed on Coin Telegraph that outlined how he believes the USDT stablecoin has impacted geopolitics and the future development of sovereign digital currencies.

Da was the opening keynote speaker on the second day of the 2nd Chain Plus Blockchain New Finance Summit in Shanghai, China.

NNT Catch Up

NNT released episode 34 of its podcast, featuring Paul DiMarzio, marketing director for the IWA. In this episode, topics of discussion included the purpose of the IWA, its member-driven organization, what “tokenization” means to businesses, and much more.

In the conversation, DiMarzio noted, “After 36 years in the industry, I feel like a kid again. This is a lot of fun; it’s a great place to be.”

NNT published an article that discussed how Neo can take a leadership role in the adoption of token standards through its work with the InterWork Alliance (IWA). The article examined the need for token standards, assets that can be tokenized, and Neo’s role within the organization.

NNT released the first videos in a new series that will provide functional introductions to various wallets that support Neo. The initial videos featured Neon Wallet and NeoLine mobile wallet, outlining the basic features so users can decide if they suit their needs.

Developer Groups

NEXT released its monthly report for June 2020, which included NeoLine mobile wallet updates, information on adjustments to the API for non-fungible tokens, and a community t-shirt design and giveaway campaign.


June 29th, QLC Chain released its Q2 2020 quarterly report that highlighted the growth in QWallet users, integrated support for decentralized finance (DeFi) projects, and increased use of QGAS for mobile payments. QLC Chain noted exponential growth in downloads and daily users, with 120,000 downloads and nearly 78,000 daily active users.

June 30th, Nash announced a new fee schedule, which now is based on individual user volume rather than the exchange’s volume.

July 1st, O3 Labs announced the beta relaunch of its desktop and mobile wallets. Along with the announcement, O3 Labs released a step-by-step guide to downloading its wallets across operating systems and a guide for connecting the O3 Wallet to the Nano S Ledger, Switcheo, and Staketology.

July 1st, TranslateMe updated its application, which included the removal of advertisements, the addition of NEO Tracker support, support for Malaysian and Kannada languages, and small tweaks to the UI.

July 2nd, QLC Chain released its fortnightly report, which highlighted its Q2 2020 progress report, winners of the 150,000 QLC Confidant referral program, and a call for blockchain developers and engineers.

July 2nd, Novem minted 15,000 NNN tokens, backed by 150 grams in gold, which increased the total NNN supply to 3,998,766 tokens.

July 2nd, Nash released an FAQ guide to explain its technology, differences between custodial and non-custodial exchanges, the need for know your customer (KYC) information, plus more. It also put out a call for Rust developers to contribute to its open-source cryptocurrency trading API, OpenLimits.

July 3rd, Novem’s gold-backed NNN token listed on the Nash exchange.

July 3rd, Switcheo delisted ACAT, FTWX, PROQ, RCPT, HASH, and OBT from its non-custodial exchange.

July 4th, Bridge listed its ETH-based BRDG token on Uniswap non-custodial exchange.

July 5th, Novem participated in an AMA with the Nash community.

Token Listings

Switcheo listed ALEPH.

Nash listed NNN.

MXC, Hoo, and HBTC listed SWTH.

Switcheo delisted ACAT, FTWX, PROQ, RCPT, HASH, and OBT.


July 6th: Da Hongfei to deliver a keynote speech at Unitize Blockchain Conference virtual event.