Neo Global Development (NGD) Seattle lead, John deVadoss, recently shared his thoughts on Neo’s progress towards becoming the most developer-friendly blockchain platform on episode 31 of the Neo News Today (NNT) podcast.

The appearance was part one of a two-part series where deVadoss discussed what makes him passionate about Neo and the blockchain industry, the smart economy vision, how blockchain empowers the common man, the purpose of NGD Seattle, and much more.

Developer Groups

Neo St. Petersburg Competence Center (Neo SPCC) added support for the Neo Blockchain Toolkit to its NeoGo full node implementation. Developers can now write, compile, and debug smart contracts in Go directly from the standard environment using the NeoGo compiler and SDK.

NGD Seattle released v1.1 of the Neo Blockchain Toolkit, which integrated support for Python and Go. Other updates include neo-express support for preloading GAS and contract metadata management, contract debugger disassembler and multi-contract support, and new a storage explorer and improved contract invocations for the Visual Dev Tracker.

NEXT released a NeoLine Talk article that highlighted the differences between mobile wallets and Alipay, a Chinese-based mobile payment app. The article highlights varying degrees of centralization, mediums necessary to store funds (i.e., paper wallets, mobile apps, and private keys), and the differences between sending funds to named individuals versus wallet addresses comprised of alphanumeric strings.

In May 2020, O3 Labs announced it is under new management and will move forward with maintaining products previously developed by the company. The new O3 Labs team will be structured as an open-source community with core members and contributions from outside developers. O3 Labs is also seeking applicants for a business developer role. Interested parties can contact the team at


May 25th, Senno announced via its Telegram channel that it is shutting its doors. Senno sought to create an ecosystem of crowd wisdom in real-time through the use of AI algorithms designed to read and interpret user-generated content on the internet. In its Telegram announcement, Senno claimed the project was unable to continue due to the coronavirus pandemic.

May 27th, Nash shared an article that offers insights into how the team integrated support for Bitcoin into its non-custodial exchange.

May 28th, Switcheo announced that it received the FinTech certificate as a blockchain and distributed ledger technology provider from the Singapore FinTech Association. The FinTech certificate indicates that a company passes the qualification requirements of the Monetary Authority of Singapore, the country’s central bank and financial regulator.

Token Listings

Neo listed on SimpleSwap.