Neo and TomoChain announced a joint meetup and workshop that will take place on Saturday, December 21st, 2019, in Hanoi, Vietnam. The purpose of the co-hosted event is to “embrace the different technologies” and connect local communities with ecosystem projects.

The day-long event will have two tracts. In the first half of the day, attendees will learn about the Neo EcoBoost program, as well as various gaming projects in the Neo ecosystem. The second half of the day intends to focus on a “deep dive into the smart contract development” from Neo and TomoChain developers.

Neo core developer, Ricardo Prado (aka Ricklock), published an article entitled “Using plugins to extend Neo features.” The article described how the IPersistence plugin interface can help developers monitor the network, track changes in managed contracts, react to notifications, or load blockchain data into a relational database.

Neo Global Development (NGD) released two short videos highlighting a recent meetup in St. Petersburg, Russia, and Neo’s first meetup in Kyiv, Ukraine.

NGD researcher, Wang Yongqiang, visited the NeoResearch community developer group in Minas Gerais, Brazil, and delivered a presentation at Universidade Federal de São João del-Rei (UFSJ) and another at the Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto (UFOP).

At the UFSJ, Yongqiang spoke about blockchain, ledgers, and smart contracts, and NeoResearch co-founder, Vitor Coelho, delivered a talk about consensus mechanisms. At the UFOP, Coelho and Qiang gave a presentation that introduced blockchain and formal aspects of cryptography, distributed ledgers, hardware wallets, WePay and AliPay and payments, and Internet-of-Things (IoT) and blockchain Internet-of-Value (IoV).

NNT Catch Up

A video has been published of Da Hongfei’s keynote address delivered to the attendees of the Blockshow 2019 conference that took place in Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre Singapore. Da was the first speaker to kick-off the two-day event, which also featured a Neo Eco Zone exhibit, comprised of booths staffed by various projects and partners of the ecosystem.

Last week, head of NGD Seattle, John deVadoss, contributed a guest article to Forkast News entitled “How blockchain can save A.I.” The article offered a brief history of A.I., how machine learning methods comprise modern “A.I.,” current barriers to machine learning, and how blockchain can improve machine learning.

NeoResearch presented two academic papers on Neo blockchain technology at SBAC-PAD 2019, an international IEEE conference held in Brazil this past October. The essays introduced and discussed two separate topics; the first focused on leveraging NeoVM and microcontrollers for smart home or smart city applications, and the other looked at novel consensus technology and Timed Automata theory.


November 25th, Spotcoin co-founder, Andrew Thornhill, resigned from his role with the Georgia-based project. Thornhill was among four co-founders who formulated Spotcoin in 2016. Thornhill served as a Telegram administrator (admin) from the time of Spotcoin’s public token sale through Q3 2019. As a Telegram admin, Thornhill was a primary distributor of information, reports, and updates about the Spotcoin project.

November 27th, Novem participated in an interview on Jaime the Crypto Koala’s podcast. In the interview, COO of Novem, Fouad Soulatana, discussed the advantages blockchain offers, reasons for choosing the Neo blockchain, how Novem is different than other gold projects, and Novem’s next steps forward.

Additionally, Novem minted 339,959 NNN tokens in November 2019.

November 27th, TranslateMe announced it had added support for Bengali to its minimum viable product (MVP) Telegram application.

November 29th, Trinity released its fortnightly report, which highlights bug fixes in the Trinity nodes, fixes with issues of occasional trinity-neogui crashes, and the addition of a plugin to “the Gateway.”

November 30th, Nash launched its wallet application for Android, and soon to be iOS.


December 21st: Neo and Tomochain meetup and workshop – Hanoi, VT.