Developer Groups

NEXT released a NeoLine Chrome extension wallet user guide. The guide is intended to help users download the extension and save their private keys, and offers an overview of wallet features.

O3 Labs announced it is removing the ONT Staketology functionality from its O3 Wallet beginning November 1st, 2020.

O3 Labs launched a weeklong puzzle event, offering GAS rewards for users who complete a crossword puzzle. The event concludes on October 30th, and GAS will be distributed to the winners within the following week.

O3 Labs updated its desktop wallet to v3.4.14.


October 21st, Switcheo announced it is upgrading its SWTH token smart contract to transition to an inflationary token economic model. Under the new token contract, users can now withdraw unbonded SWTH from the TradeHub blockchain to the Neo blockchain, signifying Phase 1 of the TradeHub rollout. The update requires users to conduct a token swap.

October 21st, Nash surpassed US $2.3 million in 24-hour trading volume, achieving an all-time high for the non-custodial exchange. At the time of press, the exchange’s largest trading pairs are BTC/USDC and ETH/USDC. Nash has also noted it is removing the ANT/BTC market from its exchange.

October 22nd, NEO GAS Pusher, a digitized version of the coin nudger arcade game, was launched. The experimental game allows individuals to use GAS tokens to play and receive in-game rewards.

October 22nd, Nash released an abridged weekly update noting visual data processing performance upgrades, UX adjustments for mobile devices, and more.

October 22nd, TranslateMe published an article discussing its “trustless translation” approach, progress to-date, and the next steps for the recently launched Marketplace.

October 23rd, Alchemint announced it is airdropping Flamingo Finance tokens to its users beginning October 25th. The FLM airdrop will go to past and present SDUSD stablecoin issuers and users who participate in the upcoming SDS NEP-5 to ERC-20 token migration.

October 24th, QLC Chain updated its QWallet to incorporate two new functionalities: a dApp browser and support for non-custodial exchange DeFi projects.

Token Listings

QLC Chain (QLC) was listed on Bittrex custodial exchange.


October 23rd – 29th: Neo participating in Shanghai Blockchain Week.

October 28th: Switcheo and O3 Labs AMA.