Neo has released v3.6.2, an update that introduces several new features and implements critical fixes to enhance platform stability. The deployment is scheduled for Nov. 21 on TestNet, followed by a MainNet release on Dec. 4.

In the update, the recently added conflict transaction attribute received a number of optimizations and bug fixes. An attribute fee has been added for transactions that use the conflict functionality, a process that has been simplified in neo-cli and the RPC method via a new cancel command. This command allows users to cancel transactions still in the mempool and not yet committed to a block.

Developers will find a new system call for obtaining the signers of the current transaction, and the StrLen method was introduced to the StdLib native contract.

Addressing stability concerns, several issues affecting both the core and various modules were resolved. Examples include fixing a problem with contract trusts, the lack of a JSON max depth safeguard affecting WitnessRules, and validation for serialization during contract deploy and update.

For node operators, the update necessitates a complete resynchronization of data due to changes in native contracts. Enhancements aimed at reducing or eliminating the need for frequent resynchronization are a priority on the core development roadmap.

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