Neo will be presenting at the upcoming Consensus: Distributed 2020 virtual conference taking place May 11th – 15th, 2020. Consensus is an annual event that attracts interest from across the blockchain ecosystem and has been touted as one of the premier industry events.

Traditionally held in New York City, the coronavirus pandemic has forced the 2020 Consensus event to take place online. Event organizers claim that it will host more than 150 speakers and 5,000 virtual attendees.

Neo will be presenting on May 11th from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm (GMT-4), and will include presentations from Da Hongfei, John deVadoss, John Wang, and Stanislav Bogatyrev.

Da Hongfei, co-founder of Neo, will open the Neo block with a keynote speech entitled, “Neo3: Empowering the Digital Economy.” The presentation will outline how Neo3 is preparing to support the advent of the 4th Industrial Revolution and Globalization 4.0. Da will also discuss the most recent proposal for Neo3’s governance model.

Following, John Wang, Eco Growth director of Neo Global Development, will deliver a presentation entitled, “The Core Values of the Ecosystem – Focus or Diversification,” which will offer an overview of the Neo ecosystem. Wang will discuss the varying ways in which Neo provides support to ecosystem projects through the seed, growth, and maturity phases, and touch upon the impending Neo3 migration.

Next, Stanislav Bogatyrev, CIO of Neo Saint Petersburg Competence Center (Neo SPCC), will speak on the topic “NeoFS: Decentralized Storage for a Real Economy.” Bogatyrev will outline the NeoFS decentralized distributed object storage platform and why the Russian-based R&D company believes in its future. He will also introduce the NeoGO project and how it is used to integrate NeoFS and Neo3.

Rounding off the presentations, John deVadoss, head of Neo Global Development Seattle, will deliver a presentation entitled, “The Time-Traveling Developer – Coding the Future.” deVadoss will provide an overview of the Neo3 developer experience, a new Visual Studio token designer, and highlight NGD Seattle’s development of ‘time-travel’ debugging for the Neo platform.

Finally, Da will participate in a panel discussion alongside Neo Global Capital (NGC) founding partner, Tony Gu, which will be moderated by a representative from Coin Gecko. As part of the conversation, Gu plans to share NGC’s comparative analysis of the distributed economy and the subsequent investment strategy of the investment branch.

There is no cost to register for the event.

Registration for the virtual event can be found at the link below: