NEO and TECHFUND have announced a partnership in which NEO will provide GAS for for deploying and testing dApps on TestNet for TECHFUND platform users. TECHFUND is a Japanese technology accelerator that recently integrated support for NEO in its Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) platform, Accel BaaS.

Accel BaaS is a cloud-based service designed to assist enterprise clients in the adoption of blockchain technology by offering simplified access to nodes, APIs, and the smart contract deployment process. TECHFUND provides a “Contract Marketplace” for the NEO blockchain which features template smart contracts that can be customized using the Accel BaaS GUI.

Looking forward, NEO is offering TestNet GAS to TECHFUND, so that it might supply developers in a more timely manner. Previously, developers were required to apply for TestNet GAS themselves. By distributing the GAS first-hand, TECHFUND anticipates “the speed of development will increase.”

The full announcement can be found at the link below: