Neo N3 governance dApp NeoBurger has released a dashboard page that allows viewers to monitor key statistics and track relevant information. Alongside bNEO total supply and daily GAS rewards, users can see which Neo nodes are being voted for with NEO held in its agent contracts.


The NEO token is indivisible, meaning fractions of NEO don’t exist. Owners can have 1, 2, or 3 NEO, but not 1.23. This can cause issues with financial applications. For example, if a store wanted to accept a US $20 payment in NEO, it would be impossible as NEO cannot be divided into fractional amounts. Further, in the case of a token swap, each trade would need to be denominated by the price of a whole NEO.

To resolve such issues on N3, Neo researchers and community developers collaborated on the NeoBurger project, creating a divisible bNEO token. Users can “wrap” their NEO tokens to bNEO, which is a NEP-17 token that is divisible to eight decimal places.

NeoBurger also maximizes GAS rewards for its holders by using the wrapped NEO to cast votes across multiple Neo Council nodes using strategies designed to optimize GAS returns. bNEO holders can claim GAS tokens from NeoBurger proportionate to their holding.


The dashboard release provides some helpful visuals and metrics that allow for more transparency into the NeoBurger project. Metrics captured at Jan. 5, 2022 at 4:00PM UTC are as follows:

  • The bNEO total supply: 1,578,645.107664
  • Total holders of bNEO: 937
  • The contract address of bNEO: NPmdLGJN47EddqYcxixdGMhtkr7Z5w4Aos
  • A graph outlining the bNEO total supply over a seven day or 30-day period
  • A graph outlining the daily GAS rewards per NEO over a seven day or 30-day period

NeoBurger Dashboard

The dashboard also shows the total supply of NoBug, the NeoBurger governance token, and its respective holder count and contract address.

Additional details about NeoBurger can be found here.

Written by Lucas Hambleton