NeoDashboard has launched a community rewards campaign with contributions donated from multiple projects within the Neo ecosystem. The contest runs through Jan. 31, when winners from each of the nine participating projects will be randomly selected. The prize package includes:

  • Neoverse: 20 x blind box NFTs
  • NeoBurger: 10 x 10,000 NoBug governance tokens
  • GhostMarket: 10 x $50 equivalent in GM
  • Humswap: 10 x HongBao NFTs
  • Flamingo: 10 x $50 equivalent in FLM
  • Forthewin Network: 10 x 1,000 FTW
  • NeoCandy: 10 x 10,000 CANDY
  • NudesToken: 10 x 1 million NUDES
  • Somniumwave: 10 x Sonmiumwave NFTs

To qualify, each participant must first bind their Twitter handle with a NeoLine wallet on the NeoDashboard website. Then, each project has a set of requirements that determines eligibility to receive rewards. Most requirements involve following a project’s social media accounts and demonstrating use of the project (i.e., holding an NFT, using a faucet, distributing tokens).

About NeoDashboard

NeoDashboard is a statistics and analytics website spawned from within the Neo community. The website offers a market cap list of NEP-5 and NEP-17 tokens, a GAS earnings simulator, a GAS burn page, and more. Alongside the publicly available information, NeoDashboard also offers a VIP section, where wallets containing a NeoDashboard NFT purchased from GhostMarket can gain access.

To participate in the giveaway, visit the link below: