Greenfinch, a decentralized storage solution that utilizes the Neo blockchain and NeoFS, recently launched for the Neo N3 MainNet. The latest version, v0.5.7, is available for download on the official Greenfinch website and is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

The MainNet launch of Greenfinch was unveiled at Neo’s booth for Consensus 2023 in Austin, Texas. Project founder Alex Walker demoed Greenfinch for attendees while participating in Neo’s OneBand ring activation event.

Greenfinch launch

On first opening the app, users are greeted with a landing page, featuring help videos for getting started with the included features. Firstly, users will discover the ability to create or import a Neo N3 wallet. After loading a wallet, GAS can be transferred to NeoFS to pay for storage operations. Greenfinch’s wallet tab displays both the current wallet GAS and NeoFS GAS balances.

The app landing page with wallet tab open (Source: Greenfinch)

After depositing GAS, a storage container may be created. As the name implies, containers can hold multiple objects, and are created with user-defined rules for read and write access rights. Any kind of object can be uploaded and stored in a NeoFS container via Greenfinch. The team also offers a public HTTP gateway service for viewing files in supported formats. A shareable link using the gateway can be accessed by clicking on the target object.

Sharing an uploaded object (Source: Greenfinch)

The application offers a Contacts page, which facilitates easy GAS transfers and provides a simple way to share containers between users. An independent tab for shared containers is used to provide a more convenient way to browse. Finally, Notifications and Settings tabs provide under-the-hood access for Greenfinch & NeoFS network operations, including a way to change between MainNet and TestNet.

Greenfinch has also teased upcoming functionality for the app. A tab for using containers as a website promises a way to easily deploy decentralized websites on NeoFS, while another placeholder page points to future NFT management functionality.

Developer API

Launched in May, the Greenfinch API is designed as a fully functional HTTP solution for developers looking to interact with NeoFS. The team has confirmed that the API will continue to be maintained. The service provides a number of useful utilities when compared to the standard NeoFS API, such as the ability to create bearer tokens.

Greenfinch API is currently free to use, though paid tiers may also be offered in the future, depending on adoption levels.

Users can get started with Greenfinch and NeoFS at the link below: