The team behind NeoLogin, a non-custodial wallet with a familiar login system, recently posted an article reporting on the wallet’s integration into the Neo Economy store. NeoLogin aims to provide a familiar, universal login experience for users through easy integration with dApps.

In a demonstration, viewers are taken through the process of purchasing a coffee mug on the Neo Economy Store, which offers a variety of Neo-themed merchandise in return for GAS, and is the first app to add support for NeoLogin.

Using NeoLogin to access the Neo Economy Store

When the user arrives at the website, they are prompted to log into the NeoLogin extension. Once connected, the user can approve transactions through their wallet. In the example, the user purchases a coffee mug, inputs their personal shipping information, and processes payment by sending GAS to the Neo Economy Store through the NeoLogin extension.

How it works

In its article, NeoLogin claims, “It has never been easier to connect to interact with the blockchain. With NeoLogin, you just log in and pay. This easy user experience allows dApps to focus on conversion and onboarding users.”

NeoLogin allows users to create wallets using a traditional email address and password combination. After signing up, a file containing the private key is generated and downloaded, with the user’s password being used to create an encrypted key.

This encrypted key is stored by NeoLogin for the user’s convenience; when it is ready to be used, it is downloaded and decrypted locally with the user’s password. As the server does not know the password or private key, it claims to be non-custodial.

Any dApp or website that implements the NeoLogin service can then allow users to use it as a login method and request action from the user through the NeoLogin implementation of the NEO dAPI standard.

According to the team, integration into additional Neo dApps and games is in the pipeline, with the end goal of providing Neo with “the best UX in blockchain” by allowing users with NeoLogin accounts to easily access all applications in the Neo ecosystem.

In the future, the NeoLogin team claims that it will also allow users to purchase NEO and GAS from within NeoLogin itself, avoiding the need for newcomers to learn how to use wallets and exchanges before accessing dApps.

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